An Award-Winning Short Film

During a military patrol, past and present are blurred by a horrifying transgression.

RAW aims to address sexual assault inside the US military. In order to convey the most realistic perspective, the production team interviewed real women of war prior to shooting the film. The acting lead is a 4 year Marine veteran who brought her own insight to the role and in order to capture the crippling dissonance created from these experiences, drew upon her past incorporating accounts of those she served alongside. Together these soldiers tell a compelling tale of trauma & abuse at the hands of those whom they were taught to trust with their lives. The aim is to confront audiences with a tragic epidemic that is virtually absent in cinema and have further attention brought to the issue of MST in hopes of strengthening preventative measures.

Written and Directed by Drake Shannon Produced by Joanna Koss


An Original Series

A little girl's search for heaven becomes hell.

Written and Directed by Joanna Koss and Drake Shannon


Postmark Dyersville Poster

A stranger confronts a family in a military graveyard.

Postmark Dyersvillle examines a veteran's search for connection to his dead comrade's family. Racked by PTSD, his innocuous desire proves beyond his reach.

Written and Directed by Joanna Koss & Drake Shannon